Air Assist Nozzle Upgrade Kit


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We consider our third-party xTool M1 Air Assist to be in an “open development” status, which means we are open to continuously improving our air assist. This upgrade kit is for those units previously shipped without these upgrades, which will automatically be added to all new shipment of our Air Assist Nozzle Sets and our Air Assist Full Kits.

How does this improve my BTL Air Assist?

  • Provides a more secure connection between the air hose and our nozzle
  • Provides a tighter seal between the laser hosing and our nozzle

What is included?

  • 10mm long section of airline hose
  • Barb Fitting
  • Silicon Seal
  • Small “Phillips” / “Cross” Screw Driver (most customer-requested addition)
  • Instructions Sheet

What is NOT included?

  • Glue (for attaching the silicone seal)


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