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Now at Version 3! Streamline & improved Logic.

Why use OUR calculator instead of others?

  • Most OTHER CALCULATORS only consider stitch count, which is not a very good way to make sure you are covering your costs.
  • Some OTHER CALCULATORS are based an an overhead model – again, not a fair way to charge your customers
    • For instance, just because you spent more on your equipment, that does not mean that  your customer should pay for your golden-spoon choices.
    • If you’ve spent more on overhead then you should be bringing in more projects to cover your costs, *NOT* upping your individual project costs.
    • In fact, as your production capacity increases, your costs per project should actually decrease.
    • That’s why overhead-based calculators don’t really work.
  • OUR spreadsheet is a hybrid model
    • It accounts for BOTH:
      • the LABOR invested in a project,
      • as well as the MATERIAL COSTS.
    • It also allows for operations scaling by considering the number of heads you can apply to a project
    • It also allows you to consider wear and tear by charging a machine rate


  • Two calculation methods:
    • Per Stitch Rate
      • Based on price per 1K stitches
      • Includes minimum charge and the stitch count threshold where that charge kicks in
    • Per Machine Hour
      • Accounts for multiple heads
      • Calculates production capacity (pieces per hour)
  • Includes sales tax provision
  • Considers blank costs
  • Considers notions costs
  • Considers labor costs
  • Considers shipping costs
  • Considers Setup fee and a piece count threshold for waiving that fee
  • Ability to compare 4 different blank markup prices.
    • Includes a total cost per piece breakdown
    • Markup % for each of the four comparables can be changed
  • Invoice Screen
    • Incorporates data from the calculator
    • Customizable
  • Stitch Calculator
    • Calculates estimated stitch count base on size and percentage of coverage
    • Stitches per square inch is user settable
    • User can set a fudge factor percentage
    • Calculates for Rectangles, Ovals, and Circles
  • Stabilizer/Backing/Applique average pricing table
  • Tool-tips for Shop Rates

This is a zip containing an excel spreadsheet for calculating pricing for embroidery work. It’s free to download and free to share.

Version 3 Video:

Version 2 Video Below:

1 review for Embroidery Calculator V3

  1. Scott Wickens (verified owner)

    Embroidery Calculator V2 is a great spreadsheet to help with getting a customers quote completed. This is always something you see on a regular basis of people in the business looking at better ways to handle quotes or making their spreadsheets. As an individual person operating the business I downloaded this and it now allows me to get quotes done faster because they can sometimes be very time consuming due to all the different factors involved.

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