xTool M1 Air Assist – Multiple Options

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Pump option includes: pump, hose, manifold
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If you laser cut/engrave wood, then you need an air assist.

Our xTool M1 compatible Air Assist offers the following benefits:

  • Get cleaner, more crisp cuts
  • Get deeper cuts
  • Get cleaner surfaces (no smoke staining)
  • Reduce/eliminate flame-ups
  • Reduce smoke & odors

How does our xTool M1 compatible Air Assist it work?

  • a stream of air is directed onto the laser impact point on the material
  • the air stream minimizes heat around the laser housing itself
  • the air stream dissipates heat at the laser impact point on the material
  • the air stream cleans the impact point thereby clearing dust / smoke / debris
  • the air stream also extinguishing flame-ups that may occur

You have FOUR  TWO choices:

  • PETG plastic nozzle set (PETG Nozzle is discontinued)
  • PETG plastic nozzle full kit with pump (PETG Nozzle is discontinued)
  • Aluminum nozzle set
  • Aluminum nozzle full kit with pump

Nozzle Set options Include:

  • PETG -Or- Aluminum Nozzle Plate (PETG Nozzle is discontinued)
  • PETG Hose Management Top-Cap for the laser head
  • PETG hose routing hub.
  • PETG hose routing clips.
  • NEW: Nozzle Hose Barb Upgrade Kit
  • Installation Instruction Sheet
  • Lifetime warranty: If you use one of  our crafted parts properly and it breaks, we will replace it.

Full Kit options include:

  • PETG -Or- Aluminum Nozzle Plate (PETG Nozzle is discontinued)
  • PETG Hose Management Top-Cap for the laser head
  • PETG hose routing hub.
  • PETG hose routing clips.
  • NEW: Nozzle Hose Barb Upgrade Kit
  • 18-watt Air Pump (38 Lpm / 10 gpm) with rubber isolation feet
  • 6-Way / 6-Valve Stainless Steel manifold w/ manifold to pump connection tube (note: due to product availability, some kits ship with plastic manifolds)
  • 25 feet of 3/16″ clear flexible plastic tubing


  • Two Versions:
    • PETG version designed for better performance under heat than standard 3d printed plastics. (PETG Nozzle is discontinued)
    • Aluminum version’s sintered construction ensures durability and high quality.
  • Easy Nozzle plate install – 5-10 minutes for this part – Mounts under the existing metal dust cover – two screws is all you have to mess with.
  • Snap-on Hose Management Top-Cap
  • Pump is shockproof, water resistant, and quiet.

This product is in constant development, so some of these parts will change in appearance over time. That requires us to provide this product “made to order.” Other parts will be stocked in low quantities. That way we can be sure you have the latest version at the time of your order. This also means that while we will ship ASAP, your order may be waiting on us to make a part. ALSO, The Full kits contains an “on demand” item (the pump). In order to reduce stocking costs, these components are ordered on demand (when we receive an order from a customer) or in low stock numbers. Such items may delay normal shipping responsiveness due to waiting for the “on demand” item to arrive at our facility.

FAQ for our xTool M1 Air Assist Kit

  1. How/where would you run the hose if you don’t want to drill a hole? Answer: This product is in constant development. Since the videos were made, our Tool M1 Air Assist Kit now includes a hose management system to route the hose out of the existing slot on the bottom right of the build plate.
  2. Do I need any extra screws? Answer: Our plate was designed to fit under the existing metal dust cover using the existing screws. So, no you do not have to have any extra screws.
  3. Can you share the STL or STEP file. Answer: Sorry, we will not offer the files for download at this time.
  4. Will this product void my xTool M1 warranty? Answer: it shouldn’t. This product was specifically designed to NOT interfere with the normal operation of your device, and to not alter you laser machine. Therefore, there should be no legitimate basis for xTool to void your warranty. But, we don’t speak for them.

*The lifetime warranty only covers the parts we make (nozzle plate and hose management kit). The pump and it’s accessories are not included in the lifetime warranty.

Additional information


PETG Nozzle Set, Aluminum Nozzle Set

12 reviews for xTool M1 Air Assist – Multiple Options

  1. Ryan K

    The adapter fit perfectly and was packaged exceptionally well. Had one question and they were quick to answer and explained.

  2. Jamie riker (verified owner)

    Happy with our air assist set up.
    Really helps keep the charing to a minimum.
    I would recommend the new alum version of the air assist base.
    The plastic will melt if you have any flames on your projects.

  3. Nettie (verified owner)

    Quick shipper, Quality product and great customer service!

  4. Roxanne

    It was made perfectly and your instruction were as easy as it gets. Thank you for saving me a ton of money and at the same time giving me a quality product that makes my product making better.

  5. Jerome

    Works awesome on it it does make a cleaner cut

  6. Brenda

    I just received it today so I haven’t set it up yet but it looks like it’s a very good quality and the customer service is excellent. You can’t go wrong buying here.

  7. Dawn

    air assist changes everything. Has for me anyways. I love the M1 but had such inconsistent results til the air assist. Now I’m not so worried about fires. I still keep my eye on it while cutting but haven’t had anything come close to catching fire and no scorching.

  8. Justin

    Very well made. Awesome service, well packaged, and works great. Thanks again.

    xTool M1 Air Assist - Multiple Options
  9. Mark L.

    I got mine hooked up and running. need to be careful how you run tubing through top loops mine hit the back fan. fixed it now. works well but need to figure better way to run tubing. might need more clips. all in all GREAT JOB Herb.

  10. Dawn K

    I received my air assist the other day. Tried adjusting settings on the xcs software yesterday to get things right. Today I finally have the settings dialed in for the basswood I am using. No char, NO fires and I have only had minuscule spots that didn’t cut all the way through (due to variations in the wood) that I just touched with an exacto knife and they popped right out. I am currently using the fume extractor but waiting on supplies to vent out a window as I feel I still have some of the smoke smell coming into the area. Love the air assist though! me too! I am so excited to finally have a day of consistent and successful cuts!

  11. Shane

    Perfect printed pieces! Really fast shipping, can’t go wrong with this seller

  12. Billy

    He said it would work and it does. Good product

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